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Latest Plugin Manager Updates - IMPORTANT - Click here now!
Users who downloaded Plugin Manager between 02-20-2014 noon and 02-21-2014 noon (GMT) should fetch the appropriate Plugin Manager version from our website or by clicking the appropriate button below.
plugin_manager v25.x is for Roundcube 1.0 and v24.0.x is for 0.9.x branch. If you see a plugin_manager version mismatch warning in Plugin Manager Center, you need to download the correct version for your current Roundcube installation.

As announced, Plugin Manager Center downloads for Roundcube webmail 0.8.x branch has been closed on 02-19-2014. We encourage all users to upgrade to 0.9.5 or 1.0.
MyRoundcube Plugins for Roundcube 1.0 have been released! Download Plugin Manager for 1.0 from here.
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Make it Yours

MyRoundcube is for your Roundcube!

         MyRoundcube Plugins is the result of many coding hours put together to extend Roundcube's webmail functionality; the sexy, open source and well known AJAX browser-based IMAP client application.

         Our idea is to put users back in control of their webmail preferences; extending, simplifying and supercharging their webmail experience like never before.

  • allow users to access and share contact data, calendar events, reminders and more in Roundcube...

  • empower your users by giving them full control over Roundcube Webmail plugins’ preferences with Plugin Manager...

  • meet Plugin Manager Center... always up-to-date plugins, simplified downloads real-time localization translations, publishing, distribution & tracking, issues report system...

  • share your calendars, events, send invitations, calendar synchronization, import and export events, show birthdays, scheduled reminders, notifications, caldav support and more...

  • create and manage Notes in your webmail, how about a mix between a ToDo list and a simple calendar... planner that is!

  • featured right from the login page...

  • self-registration for cPanel, Postfix Admin and hMailServer...

  • protection against automated/brute-force attacks...

  • password recovery challenging user with self-defined Secret Question and Answer...

  • add a contact form for your users and visitors...

  • mailboxes status, status alerts, welcome message and more...

MyRoundcube Plugins are delivered through our mirror servers by one of our own plugins; Plugin Manager.

MyRoundcube Plugins

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useful tools for your plugin’s translation

Roundcube Webmail Demos

Test Drive our most current code

We are also hosting a DaviCAL server for those interested in testing our plugins’ synchronization with this service. Unlike SabreDAV framework, there is no support for resources auto-creation on the DaviCAL server when users login. Users can test our DaviCAL demo (CalDAV/CardDAV) synchronization with the following information:

Resource: https://davical.myroundcube.com/caldav.php/test/calendar
Username: test
Password: test123
(See: Creating a new calendar category in Webmail)

Address Book: https://davical.myroundcube.com/caldav.php/test/addresses
Username: test
Password: test123
(See: Connecting to Remote CardDAV Servers)

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… ermm… nothing to brag about. Like everywhere else on the net, we have included a mail form below for your convenience so you can send us feedback or any kind of comments, suggestions and… yeah, that too. We receive some of those every now and then!

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