hmail_pop3 plugin

hMail fetch External POP3 Accounts


hmail_pop3 plugin is a gateway interface between Roundcube Webmail and hMailServer PHPWebAdmin to allow users to download messages from POP3 accounts on other servers. Email downloads are delivered to a specific account, but it is possible to redirect them to an external account, using rules. Documentation regarding hMailServer External Accounts is available on their website for more details.

A functional hMailServer PHPWebAdmin is required in order to use hmail_pop3 plugin with Roundcube Webmail.
hmail PHPWebAdmin default language must be set to « english » in ./PHPWebAdmin/config.php, ($hmail_config['defaultlanguage']=’english’).
Hosting PHPWebAdmin

PHPWebAdmin can basically reside anywhere on the net. Hence administrators can have this plugin in action either on a Windows Server or on a *NIX box. From a security stand point, PHPWebAdmin has a quite secure session handling and our plugin is able to pass any kind of additional HTTP Authentication (BASIC, DIGEST, … everything that cURL supports). Administrators have the following choices to connect to PHPWebAdmin:

  • WAN HTTP | WAN HTTPS (recommended)

hMailServer PHPWebAdmin addition

By default, hMailServer PHPWebAdmin does not include the SSL support option for POP3 connections. Administrators can download these files to implement this feature. Unzip the archive into you PHPWebAdmin folder.

This feature addition has been created for PHPWebAdmin bundled with hMailServer 5.3.3. It also works with hMailServer 5.4.x releases (still in Beta stage). Generally speaking, it should work for PHPWebAdmin 5.x versions but it has not been tested.

Working with External POP3 Accounts in Roundcube Webmail

Login to Roundcube Webmail. Enable Settings -> Manage Plugins -> External POP3 Accounts if not enabled by default. Manage/Add/Remove External POP3 Accounts from Settings -> Account Administration -> External POP3 Accounts.

hmail_pop3 plugin