register plugin

Register plugin


register plugin
Register plugin allows self-registering new user accounts (mailboxes) through Roundcube Webmail. In conjunction with Taskbar Plugin, registration links appear at the top right of your webmail login page.


* Allow Email Self Registration via Webmail
* Specify domains available for sign up
* Disallow specific accounts’ names registration
* Enforce strong passwords. Check passwords strength and enforce minimum length while registering accounts (requires pwstrength plugin)
* Limit multiple accounts’ registration from the same IP address during a specific time frame
When using password_plus or hmail_password plugins in conjunction to register plugin, make sure to match the password strength percentage of password_plus or hmail_password with that of register plugin (see $config['pwstrength'] in the configuration file for details). These plugins share the same key to evaluate password strength.
taskbar plugin is recommended to work with register plugin but it is not required. You can include a link anywhere to navigate to the webmail registration task as follow: https://your.domain.tld/?_task=dummy&_action=register once register plugin is configured and enabled.

‘Register’ uses several back-ends (drivers) for accounts registration

Driver Name
hMailServer hmail_sql_db production
cPanel cpanel production
Postfix Admin postfixadmin_db production
ISPConfig ispconfig_xxxx_v#.# Third Party development. We are not the developers of this driver. We do not offer support for it, not we make any claims that it will work in your ISPConfig server. For questions related to this specific driver, please contact its developer.

Configure ‘register’ backend driver

  • Open ./plugins/register/drivers/{driver_name}/ configuration file and copy its content into the main plugin configuration. Either into db_config configuration editor or into ./plugins/register/ (file-based) if running a file_based deployment.

    Optional but highly recommended, it’s the use of captcha plugin when you have registration enabled in your installation. Captcha plugin will put in place an extra layer of security to prevent bots from messing with your registration form.

    Configure ‘register’ backend driver in global_config configuration

    register plugin driver must be loaded from global_config configuration file if you are implementing global_config plugin in your Roundcube installation.

    Open ./plugins/register/drivers/{driver_name}/ configuration file and copy its content into ./plugins/global_config/ as you would do with all other plugins once global_config is implemented.